Grown 2 Gold partners with MG3 Farms to provide stable propagation to our farmers

In effort to secure a stable and reliable source of genetics for our growing base of sub-permitted and coop farmers Grown 2 Gold, LLC has entered into a Research and Development partnership with MG3 Farms of Prospect, NC. MG3 farms currently has the capacity of over 12,000 plants via hydroponic farming methods that will be able to come to market every 8 weeks.

“Working with MG3 allows for us to partner with a knowledgeable large scale hydroponic grower and decrease the time required to get the proper and stable genetics our growers need.” Said Boone Rivenbark, Division Director of Grown 2 Gold.

To learn more about Grown to Gold contact:

Boone Rivenbark
833-334-2010 ext. 422